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Thread: Window Seals

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    Window Seals

    Got my car in the garage and the guy has broke my rear boot glass.

    He said he couldnt take it out because it was bonded into the boot.
    I thought they just used traditional seals

    Am i wrong? I know the windscreens bonded in but arent the side and rear glass pieces just normal seals?

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    just done a quick search and it sais that front and sides are bonded but the rear isnt

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    Erm - yeah I didn't think it was - just uses same seal as a mk2 which pulls out and I assume the glass just pushes out in the same fashion...


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    The rear window is not bonded in, just uses normal seals. Bodyshop had to remove my seals to get the glass out when doing latest work and went back in no bother using same seals.
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    Mine was bonded in when i had to remove it
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