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Thread: ETKA Online

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    Re: ETKA Online

    yea its not worked for a while. See if somebody can get you a cd of Ekta

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    23rd March 2009

    Re: ETKA Online

    ah right thanks for the heads up, em no idea who has a cd i will try and find one!

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    Re: ETKA Online

    word of warning: not that any of you would anyway, but if you google ETKA one of the first links that comes up is for a Piratebay torrent. If you click the download you instead get MS Antivirus which is a nightmare to get rid of:

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    Re: ETKA Online

    I dont know if this is correct but Vag cat if now offline because VW have managed to block it somehow, maybe they have done the same with ETKA

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    Good find there, haven't been able to get on VAGcat for a while

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    Someone on ED38 just posted this up and it seems to work really well.
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    Bit of a shot in the dark but does anyone have a newer link for the parts catalogue that works? I've tried all the above but they no longer seem to work.


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    Thanks for that, much appreciated

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