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Thread: Corrado Lambda Sensors - Bosch Part Numbers

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    Re: Corrado Lambda Sensors - Bosch Part Numbers

    I just got my bosch universal regular class oxygen sensor 4-wire, 26 in. wire length, planar manufactured with a two-foot length sensor wire it uses a submersible patented connection system that protects against contamination and withstands the effects of extreme temperatures and engine vibration
    Features posi-lock connectors that can be unscrewed and reconnected in case of a wiring mistake; Wire splicing required.

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    is there a part number for the OBD2 sensor?
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    I need a new lambda to replace the missing one on mine. VAG ar quoting £160+. So can anyone confirm if this looks the right one for a May 1994 VR6 OBD1:

    The part number doesn't seem to bear any resemblance to the number earlier in this thread. It is, however, listed as for a 2.9 VR6 up to Nov 1994.
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    Ive recently replaced the Lambda sensor on my car 94 2l 16v 9A engine. The correct Bosch part as already given on this thread is 0 258 003 165. Its sold by as their part no 710441475 @ £54.66 with free delivery.

    For those thinking about undertaking the task I should add it was impossible to remove the old sensor in situ. I tried releasing the cat at the front end for better access to no avail. I ended up removing the cat from the car and used heat to try to free the sensor. After cutting the old sensor in half a socket and long ratchet were used to finally free it. Refitting was straightforward with new bolts/nuts at the fore end and a clamp at the rear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fla View Post
    is there a part number for the OBD2 sensor?
    Nobody seems to have answered this at the time.

    I just removed the original lambda sensor from my 95 VR6 part number 021 906 265 E and replaced it with 021 906 265 AK . The OBD2 ECU had kept throwing up a lambda fault code before swapping and is now fault free on VagCom.

    It was £138.47 from TPS after 10% discount.
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    [/QUOTE]although it's usually the ECU loom side that breaks and you need to either use repair wires or get a new plug from VW - £7ish)[/QUOTE]

    whilst replacing my lambda sensor one of the wires in the ecu side has broke out of its connector, does the whole connector need replacing or can i solder on a new spade connector to push in the old one? if i can get the old pin out!

    anyone know? or know what the name of the replacement plug is

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