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Thread: Chris's black vr6 (RIP)

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    Chris's black vr6 (RIP)

    so ive been on here for awhile and i havent really posted any photos of my corrado. thought it was about time i uploaded some

    this is a progessive gallery, please bear with it, the first photos are crap but had to get the whole story across.

    i bought it afew years ago after deciding i'd had enough of my scirocco, got it cheap from a friend knowing that it was very reliable. heres some of the first pictures (sorry there in black and white) the paintwork was ok but not like it is now.

    a brand new bmw then decided to clip me on a blind corner awhile back (i was pulling out, he was doing more than the speed limit) i was gutted! my first accident in the only car ive ever really wanted (apart from a mk1 scirocco )
    the damage.......i was very lucky really, only body panels needed replacing, nothing else moved, oh and of course myself and the c*@t bmw drive werent hurt at all

    then had to decide should i lose it or restore it. i decided to restore it, a decision i regreted untill my respray was finished (that paid me back in full!)
    the rebuild....

    did the clutch, headgasket etc etc after that. the bay was a state!!! also put a pretty much perfect condition full late black interior in at this point didnt take any photos of it though

    then came the prep work for my respray, had a big tent up for the car n everything, did it all myself to save the pennies

    after the respray....

    the vr conversion, lost the 2l 16v and completely re-did the engine bay (sorry about the poor quality photos, i had the use my phone camera for these as my proper camera broke)

    near everything has now been replaced for new or completely reconditioned and recoated

    to keep my 4 stud bbs rm's ive used 2l 16v hubs, hub carriers, arb, cv's and drive shafts on a vr sub frame. vr brakes all round, i kept 16v rear axel too. its being run on the 16v fuel pump aswell.
    replaced every bushing for polybushes, deleted the abs and replace all the brake lines + all round braided lines. coilovers, top mounts, 6-2-1 s/s manifold + exhaust system, s/s decat etc etc.....

    these are the buget coilovers which have swamped the market recently, worth every penny! my mate has fk coilovers(high sports i think) you dont notice the difference, plus you cant complain when they come with a 2 year warranty aswell

    after sorting out the 5 clogged up injectors i got it running, i was so happy, the fact the engine had been sat for about 3 years and still sounded new was amazing, no funny noises at all! running smooth aswell! my lucky day!

    sporting my mates polished audi wheels as the bbs's still arent finished yet (not really my cup of tea these arent)
    after putting the rear audi wheels on it went for its first vr mot, flew through, didnt have any worries really, everything was new.

    this is how it stands today, bbs's still not done but will be in a few weeks. ive poured my soul into this car since the crash with a very tight buget, and its almost there im no expert when it comes to cars but having done pretty much everything myself apart from the final coat of paint, polishing the rocker + manifod and pressing the polybushes i dont think its come out too bad at all. you could say, another corrado saved looking back at the first photos

    low enough for you!? this may have to change

    wana say a big thank you to everyone who has either given me advice, sold me a part or bought a part off me to aid funding this obsession, you know who you are. youve helped put a big smile back on my face

    again sorry about the photo quality they really dont do it justice

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    Re: r4-ge's black vr

    Bloody awsome mate!!!

    really cool to see someone with the balls to just crack on with it and have ago them selves!!

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    Re: r4-ge's black vr

    Well done... Jesus man you should be proud of that!!!!

    Can only imagine how much you love it now!!!! gives me inspiration!

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    Re: r4-ge's black vr

    that is awesome, looks very impressed! nice one mate
    1993 Aqua Blue VR6, Porsche d90s, Heated Black Leather, Ported & Polished Head, K&N, Miltek + de-cat, KW V1, 288mm mk4 turbo brakes, Lupo Wipers.

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    Re: r4-ge's black vr

    Absolutely amazing build Chris! Glad those spare parts got you the cash to finish it off, looks awesome!

    Definitely motivation for me to pull my finger out and crack on, although my budget will be significantly reduced and no Six pot unfortunately! :cry:

    1990 Dark Burgundy Pearl Corrado 16v - Project Plum
    1989 Black Mark 2 Golf GTi 8v - Willow

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    Re: r4-ge's black vr

    , WOW, when I seen the first pic I thought very nice and then disaster, but you have done a great job rebuilding it. You should be very proud of your C.
    Corrado VR6, left hand drive, lowered on koni, 17" Antera alloy wheels

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    Re: r4-ge's black vr

    very very nice mate, how long has it taken you and who did the spraying for you. looks a mint job
    1994 VR6, LC5U, Repainted, Schmidt Modernlines 8"& 8.5", AP Coilovers, Powdercoated subframes, Powdercoated Engine Mounts, arms,
    Rebuilt Suspension & steering all new parts. New bushes, 288mm Fronts Blackdiamond D&P, Miltek, 6 branch, sports cat, Stainless Bolt kit, BMC

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    Re: r4-ge's black vr

    I would really love to have that job
    95 Classic Green Storm
    95 Flash Red VR6

    For those who understand, no explanation is needed.
    For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible

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    Re: r4-ge's black vr

    Tornado Red 1.8 - killed by hit and run
    Moonlight Blue VRT - rust in pieces
    BMW 335i - smooth yet savage

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    Re: r4-ge's black vr

    Looks really good, will have to get a south coast meet organised so we can get a look at it in the flesh

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