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Thread: 1989/90 corrado 16v

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    1989/90 corrado 16v

    Hi im new to the forum and have been looking into getting a corrado. a guy who my dad works with has offered us the one in the topic title for £400. it has no tax or mot but the body is in very good nick ive looked under the spare wheel felt and squeezed all the sills and it turned over first time, and the spoiler still works. it still has the standard wheels is totally original. it has 107 000 miles on the clock but to be fair i didnt think that was bad for this sort of car.

    okay, my main concerns are, the interior is old and worn but the drivers seathas a tear/worn hole through where people have got in and out.

    also when he turned the wheel there was a slight screeching noise and i was abit worried about this??

    any help or advice is much appreciated thanks alot luke.

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    Re: 1989/90 corrado 16v

    Hey luke,

    welcome to the forum. £400 is a good price although be aware that it may need a few more hundred thrown at it to get through an MOT... or it might be fine!

    the screeching noise is probably just the PAS belt slipping a little - not a major issue at all



    p.s. gets some pics up if you can!

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    Re: 1989/90 corrado 16v

    Remove the battery and check for rot underneath it.
    Also open the petrol cap flap and check for rot in there too.
    Put it for atest and see what it if anything it fails on.

    too me far too many of these lovely cars are being broken rather than being fixed.

    Seats are easy to come by in the Petrol trim/colour that you one will require,failing that repair the lumbar.

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    Re: 1989/90 corrado 16v

    hey guys, thanks for replying so fast, i did look inside the petrol cap and there was a bit of rot around the bottom of the cap.
    he said he seats were karman interior or karmaman i dont no how its spelt sorry.
    it only came off the road 9 months ago because he has a company car now but before that was on the road.
    and as for the power steering belt he said that aswell of the fan belt.

    I also noticed that the metal strap that goes around the fuel tank and bolts in under the boot is abit rusty but i thought these might be easy to come by or change.

    i will try get pics but i only took a few on my fone ( not great)

    thanks luke.

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