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Thread: What a way to spend my Birthday...

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    Re: What a way to spend my Birthday...

    Well it was my birthday today (actually yesterday, 29th) and I didn't have any car problems - mainly because my Corrado is out of action having the charger rebuilt. So I got drunk instead and made balloon animals.
    1991 Tornado Red G60 - 68m pulley, SNS Stage 5 chip, RSR outlet, 3.5bar FPR, Mocal Oil Cooler, full Powerflow exhaust, deleted boost return, FK Konigsport coilovers, BBS 15x7s, cold air feed - SOLD!

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    Re: What a way to spend my Birthday...

    Whoop, a friend of a friend of a friend has engines lined up in his garage, one being a G60 so he kindly removed the hose for me yesterday and I'll be fitting it this morning

    g60karmann - no oil cooler fitted and the oil doesnt really get that hot anyways.

    Alexander - Well, Happy Birthday for the same day as mine then

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