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Thread: VR 6 Branch Manifolds

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    VR 6 Branch Manifolds

    Are they worth it and which one?
    Ive heard conflicting stories about the Raceland ones

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    Re: VR 6 Branch Manifolds

    They are ok. They add a small amount of bhp but its more the noise you buy them for I reckon. Raceland ones are a good price for what they are. They are worth wrapping just to be on the sfae side, so they don't melt anything under the bonnet. Dubpower do one also - very well made, but quite a bit more expensive at around £300.

    I will have a Raceland one (with only 4000 miles on it) for sale in a few weeks once my turbo's on. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Re: VR 6 Branch Manifolds

    Standard exhaust manifold is very well built with excellent flow charasteristics, if it's leak free of course
    The best job you can do is gasket matching and porting/polishing it. Then you may even get better performance with it than buying aftermarket 6 branch, and it's cheaper too.
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    Re: VR 6 Branch Manifolds

    Quote Originally Posted by MK1Campaign
    Are they worth it and which one?
    Ive heard conflicting stories about the Raceland ones
    Don't bother mate, not worth it. I looked into it and there no gains at all.

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