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Thread: fitting a non adjustable steering column (how-to)

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    I think the washer should be against the spring, can't find a close enough photo of mine at the moment, I think the polo column I had came with an all in one spline adapter and top collar which may be the difference, looks like a pressed steel round collar thing on yours.
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    17th June 2012
    I'm about to do this conversion myself. I've removed the corrado steering column and Ive found the correct used polo column. I take it from your write up davidwort the only brand new parts I need is a corrado ignition switch, a corrado steering lock and sheer bolts? Everything else should come with both the columns?
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    You'll need the fixed column shrouds

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    Thanks I'll get one ordered and cheers for the right up
    1990 Multi coloured tdi aka El burro

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