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Thread: Air Con

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    Air Con

    Is it a simple process to add air con to a non-air con corrado. Whats involved? Simple question for most of you guys i expect.

    Also someone seems to be selling a later spec bonet from a 1995, i didnt know there was any difference i thought they were the same.

    What kind of differences are there on the early and late spec ones and when did the change occur.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Air Con

    late spec bonnets the hump is raised as opposed to inlaid on the early spec, the swage line is differnt on late f+r bumpers, fogs sit flush instead of ecessed and the wings are slightly wider..
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    Re: Air Con

    It's a fairly huge job tbh, lots of parts needed and difficult to source in good condition so best to buy new... have a search on here for info.


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    Re: Air Con

    Cheers guys

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    Re: Air Con

    I fitted air con to my Corrado VR6,
    Sod of a job but worth it.
    So i dont know really why i sold it two months later!,
    Im a [email protected] really!
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