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Thread: oil lines g60

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    oil lines g60

    Hello guys

    im looking at the g60 charger and i was wandering where in the g60 engine the charger picks up its oil feed and where the return oil feed goes to

    pics can also be helpfully

    thanx in advance
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    The feed comes off the side of the head where one of the pressure senders is. The return goes into the block under the charger. It looks like a core plug with a stub fitted in it.

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    Alright Alex.
    THe feed for the charger comes from the nearside of the head where there distributor would be on your engine and the return goes into the sump (IIRC).
    I've been told that the feed pipe is a certain length on the g60 to maintain a constant oil pressure.

    Dont know if the pictures will help but they all i got really!

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