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Thread: Corrado Spotting! Was it you?

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    24th October 2004
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    Re: Corrado Spotting! Was it you?

    black possibly dark grey rado, L reg, on color coded 16" keskin kt4's, all red rears in park royal last night..looked lovely!

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    Re: Corrado Spotting! Was it you?

    N-plate green storm in Hendon just up from The Hyde, yesteray afternoon around 1pm. Slightly older chap driving, Roger Blassberg's age group! Totally standard, looked very nice indeed.
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    Re: Corrado Spotting! Was it you?

    I was up in Newcastle for the weekend and saw a Red rado on Matthew Bank near South Gosforth, on the way to the pub by the looks of it - seemed tidy! There aren't that many rados in the Toon. Anyone on here?
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    Re: Corrado Spotting! Was it you?

    spotted a few over the weekend at donny and trhe journey to/from!

    Nugget with Pink Wheels! wow they are pink! (near the yokohama stand on saturday)
    Red with 17" dotz chronos. i actually spoke to you but cant remember if you said you were on here!
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    Re: Corrado Spotting! Was it you?

    Spotted a couple on the way back down the M1 today.

    1st would have been around 5Pm north bound around Sheffield(ish). Red with a roof spoiler.

    2nd was south bound in the long (13 mile long) roadworks about 6PM, white, got and gave a wave
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    Re: Corrado Spotting! Was it you?

    Spotted revox on the M8 this evening ......and gave the 'water bottle wave'
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    Re: Corrado Spotting! Was it you?

    I spotted this G60 at a retail park in Maidenhead about half an hour ago. I popped into Halfrauds and the car disappeared by the time I had emerged. Here it is parked next to mine:

    Anyone recognise the car? I think it reasonably local, a few tell tale signs make me thing it is a Berks/Bucks car
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    Re: Corrado Spotting! Was it you?

    Lovely blue rado on the centre of kendal on saturday, think it might've been jeffcabbages but couldn't be sure?

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    Re: Corrado Spotting! Was it you?

    Spotted C parked at Fraikens car park Mill Lane Winwick Buiss Park Warrington on Good Friday around 1800 Couldn't tell variant only got a side on view only. Looked to be blue/purple with nice set of wheels
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    Re: Corrado Spotting! Was it you?

    Mystic Blue Storm N199 *** spotted on the M25 today heading clockwise between jcts 14-16, exchanged a wave with the driver before exiting onto the M40 in opposite directions.
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