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Thread: What do my spark plugs tell me....

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    CF Nutter
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    What do my spark plugs tell me....

    can anyone tell me what my spark plugs tell me?
    As you can see there is a fail bit of oil on the actually top part of the plug on the middle and bottom right plug shafts in the inlet manifold..

    bottom left cylinder

    Middle bottom

    Bottom right

    top left

    middle top

    top right

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    Re: What do my spark plugs tell me....

    Worn bore? Piston rings? Valve guides?
    [attachment=0:3b7cseud]spark plugs.jpg[/attachment:3b7cseud]
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    Re: What do my spark plugs tell me....

    There is a hint of that on one or two. Im pretty sure bottom right and top left are 1 & 6 that are prone for the oval bores. Some of them do have the brown tinge which is what you want.

    Here were what my 1&6 looked like when it started blowing oil on the overrun.

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