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Thread: Help wrong spray in supercharger

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    Help wrong spray in supercharger

    Hi fella`s, Ive just put my newly re-built charger back on the car and i thought i would give it a spray of PTFE to loob it up, after i finished spraying i reliesed i had picked up the wrong can i used white Lithium grease it serves me right for not paying attention to what i was doing it looked the same when it was going in it wasnt till afterwards that i reliesed

    Is this likely to cause any problems ?? It does say on the can Heavey duty, long lasting lubricant, water and heat resistant

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    Re: Help wrong spray in supercharger

    unlucky. I'd just not start it and ring G-werks or Jabbasport to be sure. I wouldn't have thought a bit would do much damage but maybe would if you kept doing it, but I don't know enough about them

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    Re: Help wrong spray in supercharger

    Er, chargers are very specific about the lube they need. As above I'd recommend talking to either Jabba or G-Werks before even thinking about running it.
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    Re: Help wrong spray in supercharger

    I spoke to G-Werks this morning and they told me as long as there is no silicon in the greece it will be fine, i checked the ingredients and there is no mention of silicon so hopefully all is ok.They told me that the reason silicon can be a problem is that it glazes the lamba probe.

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