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Thread: 288 Front Brakes and MkIV Rears -Part Number Thread

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    Im from Portugal, i purchased a 2.0 16v two weeks ago and it needs disc and pads front and rear, in my mk4 golf i upgraded to the R32 332mm in the front and to s3 with epytec adapter to run 280mm at the back, so i have the stock front FS III and the rear 232mm here sitting and i wanted to know if in can re-use them form the corrado, Thank you

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    The rears will bolt straight on to the existing carriers, but you will need conversion brake hoses because MK4s have the banjo bolt fitting. Many have done this conversion.

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    VR6 and G60 both use the same Calipers and carriers on the front, both use a 280mm disk (VR6 have 5 stud and G60 4 studs).

    VR6 can be fitted with 288mm disks from late MK3 Golf GTis / VR6s and Calipers and carriers from either the same GTi / VR6 or Golf MK4 are then used as they are the same (MK4 disks have a different offset and canít be used).

    So my untested theory suggests 288mm Calipers and carriers fill fit the 16v using a MK3 GTi / VR6 disk redrilled to 4 x 100 (youíll need conversion hoses for the front too).

    No one has ever tried it to my knowledge, I donít know why?

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    Thank you Dox, my doubt was if i can bolt on the 288 carrier in my hub

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