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Thread: H reg, What Year?

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    H reg, What Year?

    Can someone please tell me what year a H reg is as I'm not too sure?
    What is average mileage on a H too?
    Thanks for your help anyone that replies.

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    1990 / 1991 = H plate

    Average milage on an H plate is around 130K miles, but there are LOADS with MUCH more, and quite a few with a lot less...
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    My H is on a 91.. although the earlier ones were on a late 1990..

    Mileage wise, its hard to say, you'd expect it to have done anything from 80k to 200k depends on the amount of owners etc...
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    my 1990 G plate's done 86k now
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    Bought mine in Feb 02 with 82k on clock for £2800
    now has 104k on it
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    Mines a 1991 H comeing up to 118000 miles

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    what corrado u after know paul

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    Mine is a 1990 H and its turning onto 86k soon-noooooo! 75k,less than yr ago when i got it. (old boy i bought it off had back and leg probs so only done 1k in three yrs).ohh how i changed
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