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Thread: The Tyre Discussion Thread - please read 1st post

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    Re: The Tyre Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Adz The Rat
    I need some new tyres on mine in the next month or so, going to give Toyo Proxes T1-R's a try I think
    Had some Proxes temporarily recently on my Bora - had very strong tram-line tendency.
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    Re: The Tyre Discussion Thread

    Toyo PX 4's are pretty good TBH, think mine lasted about 8K even with an alignment/tracking issue...
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    Re: The Tyre Discussion Thread

    I’ve had the Continental Premium Contact 2s on the car for about 6 months now and they are leagues ahead of the old P6000s I had previously. Road noise is identical although wet grip has improved immeasurably. I had a particularly filthy drive down from the Lakes in November and went through some alarmingly deep areas of standing water and although the car visibly slowed the tyres never aquaplaned.
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    Re: The Tyre Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical_Mass
    can anyone give me their opinions on the Toyos - what are they like on wear?
    I've had toyos T1R's on the front of mine now for nearly 10k miles and the sholders have worn much quicker than the centres, probably going to need to change them quite soon. The grip is good but the wear is not.

    When I first bought the car it had new conti premium contact 2's all round and the fronts also needed changing at 10k but they had been given a hard time (new car driving style ) but the wear was very even across the tyre. The rears are still going strong (4-5mm) 20k later.

    Will probably go for Continentals or try the Michelins next time.
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    Re: The Tyre Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by dgtvr6
    I have Yokohama Parada on me vr and I love them to be honest. More grip than I need in wet and dry (although wet can be interesting) and they seem to be wearing well.

    Still fairly new (only ca 3k) but no serious wear at all... Will monitor wear etc going fowards.
    "interesting" is an understatement... found you had to be psychic to guess what they were going to do, sometimes just ploughed on and some times didn't, varied even on same stretch of road at the same speed!

    Have a pair of Nankang NS-2 on the front of the current set of wheels and they're pretty damn good, surprised me!

    Conti-sports next up for me...
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    Re: The Tyre Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by twofourten
    I found this, thought it may be useful? ... sp?type=MP

    Have been considering new tires myself and am torn between:

    Continental ContiSport Contact3
    Michelin Pilot Exalto
    Goodyear Eagle F1 all season
    Dunlop SP Sport 9000
    Pirelli P Zero Nero
    Bridgestone Potenza RE 040

    There is so much info and so many tiny details to consider, my head is hurting...
    I've not tried any on that list other than the SportContact3's but have tried plenty of other 'performance' tyres and the conti's were the best by far (compared to eagle f1 gs-d2, gs-d3, toyo t1s, t1r, sportcontact2, yoko a539), loads of grip and when they do start to let go it's very progressive. You were never worried that they'd suddenly let go and leave you wrapped round a tree. Also, the design vastly reduced tramlining compared to more directional tread patterns like the gs-d3.

    The only thing letting them down is they're not fantastic in the wet, that's not to say they're bad in the wet, in fact they probably have more grip in the wet than most tyres have in the dry. But there is a noticeable drop in performance when it's been raining.

    It's a shame they don't do eagle f1 asymmetrics in corrado sizes, I bought a set for my new car and the level of grip from them is something else!
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    Re: The Tyre Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by GlosterOx
    Quote Originally Posted by gregulate
    Has anyone used a Kumho KU31 tyre ? Seem to have a fairly good right up on on blackcircles and are very decent price..........
    I believe Karl (KADVR6) runs these on his cars and he has always spoken very highly of them - Always a good price on Camskill for 195/50-15's

    Just had my fronts changed from pzer nero to the ku31...very impressed, was a bit concerned about price/quality but the guy who fitted advised they were a very popular and highly reccomended tyre. Also did some review checking and they seem bang on.

    Only had them on a few weeks now, but I would defo buy some more for the price they are a bargain too....110 pound fitted, balanced etc at your home LOL size was 205/45/17 W rated. Shamless plug time now, by event mobile tyres ( Try this code for 10quid off as well EMT0708
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    Re: The Tyre Discussion Thread

    Just done over a thousand miles on some Conti Premium Contact 2s that I had put on last Wednesday, great tyre handling is vastly improved over the part worn stuff that was on there before.
    Cheers fool,
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    Re: The Tyre Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by kevhaywire
    Anyone used any of the new Rainsports in 17" size? I've used the old RainSport 1 a few times in the past. Great in the wet (obviously) but found them too squidgy in the dry (soft side wall).
    I've got rainsport 2s on the front of both cars in 15". Seem very good, took a while to scrub them in though. Was interested to see that the pattern varies as the tyre rotates. Some sizes have rim protection too. Downside is that they're noisy, but they don't seem to have worn as quickly as the rainsport 1s I have had in the past.

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    Re: The Tyre Discussion Thread

    Cool, cheers guys.

    Nope, F1 assymetric not available in 205/40/17

    Yeah I've been out in a Rado with R888s and the noise is pretty intense as you say. Laugh out loud Herculean grip though.... in the dry

    I might give the Rainsport 2s a look then as they seem to get rave reviews and they're only £80 (205/17) compared to £111 for my old favourite, the ContiSport 2.
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