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Thread: Boot water leak

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    Re: Boot water leak

    right, it looks like spoiler seals didn't like the silicone I gave them so I've used underseal instead

    I'll come back in a few days as it's going to rain all weekend ...
    I love the way my Corrado hates me.

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    Re: Boot water leak

    puaj, what a fail.

    I'll think of something else...
    I love the way my Corrado hates me.

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    Re: Boot water leak

    Quote Originally Posted by fla
    check the badges.
    I second that! Some idiot had stuck my badges on with tape. The VW emblem was dripping but it was p1ssing in through the large Corrado badge. I took the whole lot off and cleaned it up and purchased 6 x 191 853 615A blind grommets from VW any £0.41 each. I pushed these into the holes and popped the badges back and would you believe it, no more leaks!

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    Re: Boot water leak

    I'll let the underseal dry for a few days. I'm trying to achieve a lower diameter of the "hole" of the spoiler seals, as silicone didn't work for this

    oh, and number plate lights' panel is held by two bolts like these:

    so it may leak from there, too

    what an Idiot owned my car before me
    I love the way my Corrado hates me.

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    Re: Boot water leak

    so today it rained a lot, and water is still getting in the boot. A small amount only, but still getting wet

    Spoiler isn't in the car now and both "holes" are sealed with duct tape

    where else could it be leaking from?

    to sum up, I've checked:

    -spoiiler seals (holes)
    -tail lights
    I love the way my Corrado hates me.

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    Re: Boot water leak

    I used some silicone in order to fix the spoiler seals leak and it seems to be fixed now

    thank you all!!
    I love the way my Corrado hates me.

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    Here's a weird one,found water in my offside rear light lens !
    Stripped the light off,checked lens for cracks, holes etc,seemed a little water "tracking" in the top seal, cleaned seal and boot aperture,before re fitting,hopefully all sorted

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