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Thread: The definitive 'Late Corrado Heater Controls' thread

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    Do you mean a mk4 or mk3? I've got all the bits ready to do the mk4 swap and tbh it seems on the face of it fairly easy, when I start taking things apart it might be different.

    You can use the full mk4 heater box and cut glove box short or use corrado fan section and not have recirculation. Wiring is literally about 6 wires

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    Been down my local scrap yard today and have removed a complete Mk 4 Golf Non AC Heater Box, Controller blower and wiring harness to all the units. Anyone connected one of these to the Corrado wiring. Looking at it there seems to be only 3 wires to a plug and a separate brown wire which I think is the brown earth wire.

    Also looking at the heater matrix it looks ok do you think I should renew it and I gather the hose configuration is the same.
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