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Thread: Sunroof Wiring Diagram?

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    Sunroof Wiring Diagram?

    Am trying to work out what is wrong with my sunroof at the minute.

    Used to work fine but then I changed the switch and when I tried to use it something made quite a loud pop noise, like a fuse blowing.

    Since then I have checked all the fuses under the steering wheel - all ok, changed the sunroof switch, changed the sunroof motor itself, still get absolutely nothing when I flick the switch, no clicks, no attempts, nothing. Have checked the switch out and the switch is fine, so could do with a wiring diagram to show me anything else that may be on the circuit that I could have blown.

    Ive heard talks of the relay going, but aparently this runs the spoiler aswell - which is working exactly as it should do at speeds (havent tried it on the switch though).

    So, anyone got anything that could be of use?

    1990 1.8 16v btw

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    do you know anyone who has the bentley manual?

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    this helped me a while back (before i got the bentley manual)
    Tech help, then bottom left section under electrical

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