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Thread: BaD-VAG Basingstoke to West Wittering run 28th August

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    BaD-VAG Basingstoke to West Wittering run 28th August

    Last year No-Rice did a run from Guildford to West Wittering on the Bank Holiday. A good day was had by all. With the demise of No-Rice I thought BaD-Vag might pick up the baton for this one and run something similar. The route will include a run through the new hindehead tunnel which will be fun!

    The idea is to meet early doors in Basingstoke, cruise down en-mass to West Wittering and spend the day chilling out on the beach/grass with picnics, BBQs etc. So who'd be interested?

    Pics form last years No-Rice run:

    Facebook event:

    WWR by Nicholas R Horne, on Flickr

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