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Thread: Wiring in electric recaros

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    Ahah. Perfect. Thanks.

    (EDIT: Happy to help anyone install this in the future - I'm in Surrey, KT10 postcode).

    For the benefit of other n00bs like me I'll explain what I did. This might seem ridiculously simple for the more experienced people but I don't mind looking a fool if this helps someone doing a search in the future. I do apologise for not taking more pictures. But I'll add it here as I think that one day this might help someone doing a search...

    First disconnect the battery, just in case.

    1) There is a two wire loom which runs under the carpet from the passenger seat, under the handbrake tunnel, through to the drivers seat, then up the drivers door edge , which should then enter the fuse box near the bonnet release handle by the drivers foot (on a UK right hand drive car).

    2) If you rescue the loom from the previous car then the red wire is live and the brown is earth.

    3) Remove the following trim:

    (a) Next to the drivers right foot, near the bonnet release handle, is a piece of trim. It is held in place by two screws on the door-side edge. It is also held in place by the accelerator stop (just unscrew it) and a large circular floor trim above the accelerator stop (again just unscrew it). When you remove the trim you may need to pull the bonnet release lever back to free it.

    (b) Remove the drivers right hand side undertray. This is held in place with two square plastic screws that just twist and then pop out.

    (c) The drivers left hand undertray should also be partially loosened. You don't need to remove it completely but simply remove the two screw above the right hand trim. This allow you to flex the left hand tray away so that you can get the fuse box in and out more easily.

    2) The brown wire is the earth. Just connect this to any suitable location on the bodywork. Where I connected mine was a large screw by the drivers right foot, next to the bonnet release handle.

    3) Remove the fuse box - The box is held in place by two hooks. There should be two large plastic covers, one on each side (mine was missing one). I can't recall how I removed them but I seem to recall sqeezing them at the top. Once they are off them lift each side over the hook. Lift one side first, then the other. Sorry I didn't take any pictures.

    4) Refer to RW1's post about where on the back of the fuse box to connect the live. Sorry I didn't take any photo's but it should be fairly easy to find. On the rear, near the top of the box on the right hand side (assuming you are sitting in the drivers seat) there will be a very thick red cable. Then a gap. Then a thick but slightly smaller red cable going to a 20 amp (yellow) fuse on the box. You can add your live connection in this gap. You will need the appropriate connector from VW.

    5) You will need a simple cable with an in-line 20 amp fuse. On one end you will need a suitable connector to go into the back of the fuse box (see picture 1 below). I'll look through my invoices when I'm a little more sobre and post the part number here. But it's a red connector which can be seen in the picture below. When I bought mine it was just the plastic housing and I needed to add the metal connector inside (which I cannibalisd from a connector bought at Maplin).

    6) That's it. Simples. You now have a live and an earth.

    The connector you need (Picture 1):

    Connector ready to plug into the back of the fuse box (red connector on the left goes into the fuse box), 20 amp fuse (middle of picture), and then crimp the yellow connector (right side of my photo) onto the red live wire from the seat loom.
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    Need some help. I have a set of original set of electric heated recaros. Trouble is my car didn’t have the wiring for these. Does anybody have a harness for the seat movement? If not does anybody have a picture or wiring diagram? Went through the thread but only seems applicable if you have the original harness and then have to find a place to plug it in. Thanks

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    The seat movement harness is very simple - it takes 12v from the fusebox to under the seats. The harness follows the heated seat loom under the carpet along the right-hand door and over the tunnel.

    Have a read here at how k6kny got on:

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