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Thread: Window Rollers - on hiatus due to c*ck up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funkster View Post
    Sure thing, watch out for a PM in a moment.

    I'd better restock!

    Hi Olly,

    PM rec'd, payment sent and PM replied to with address details.

    Regards, Thanks & Appreciation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.I.Dub View Post
    I'll take a set please, posted to Ireland
    I'm now waiting on manufacture of another batch, will let you know when they're back in stock - shouldn't be too long. Will drop you a PM when they're here (and in the mean time I'll look up how postage price to Ireland).

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    Window Rollers

    Hi guys I’m in need of two sets of rollers please?

    How long roughly until they are available?

    Postage to guildford Surrey.

    The rattling is driving me crazy! 😩

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    Hi folks, the parts are back in stock... at the post office! Postie wanted a signature, so I'll have to pick them up at the weekend.

    Obviously I haven't checked them yet, but barring some strange quality control problem cropping up when I open the package I will be able to send parts out as soon as they're in my hands, so I'll send PMs out now with payment details. If you'd prefer to wait until I've actually checked them, no worries.
    1995 Moonlight Blue Corrado VR6, 1967 MGB GTS (197ps!), 1934 Morris 8 (~300ps!)

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    Rollers arrived safe and sound. Thanks again.

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    How do I go about getting a set...?? Thanks

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    Hello there,

    if you send a PM to FUNKSTER his real name is Olly I think, and he'll sort you out as he's reproduced the window rollers.

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    Now have Corrado 2.0 16v since 2002 still got it

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    Thank you ^^

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