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Thread: Can't Get VAGCOM and interface cable to talk

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    24th March 2012
    I have one of the generic blue leads. After much farting about (uninstalling driver, re-installing driver), it finally read the car engine codes. Switched off, plugged back in and tried again, now the vag-com program just fails and windows says it will try and find a solution, but all that happens is I get the option to debug or end the program.

    running windows vista home premium.

    Any ideas why it would work once then give up the ghost?
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    Sounds like you've got a windows problem there and not a vagcom one. Can you try it on another pc/laptop?
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    X2 tigerfish.

    Mine did the same got it working after fiddling with ports (put mine on com2) started an auto scan, went the first two scan locations and then crashed. Then when you try and reopen it crashes straight away and then says look for solution online.

    Mines on windows 7 too, bag of s*it
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