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Thread: Corrado 16v Wheel offsets

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    Corrado 16v Wheel offsets

    Hi All,

    Okay, I have finally decided to rid myself of the standard '93 2.0L 16v wheels and am after some Voodoo's.

    I have not got a clue where to find the offsets that I need for the wheels so if anyone knows what they are or where I can find them that would be a great help.

    The other question is, what looks better 16" or 17". The car isn't lowered yet but will be when I can scrape the dosh together.. hopefully in the next few months...

    And finally if i go for a bigger wheel is it going to shag up my Speedo, mpg etc...?

    Simple questions I know but I am pants when it comes to looks and wheel fitting....

    PS. If anyone is up for some orginal wheels from a 16v I may have some going shortly....
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    Offset for the valver is ET35 but it'll be stamped on the wheel somewhere.

    17" looks best imo and so long as you use the correct aspect ratio tyres (215/40/17 I think) the speedo will be OK.

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    205/40/17 is what i was told to get on my valver


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    ET35 and deffo 17" the tyre size you would need is 205/40r17 , if you go for the voodoo's make sure you get original's , smiths wheels or tsw bought wolfrace out ( i think ) and re-brought them out still as wolfrace but the alloy they use is very soft , if you end up lowering and hardening the suspension they will end up 50p shaped on the inside of the rim !!

    The original one's were only made 4 or 5 stud i think NOT multifit as the new ones now are , so you may have to get some mint 2nd hand one's .
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    Thanks guys brilliant help there.. 17" it is then

    Cheers for the heads up on Wolfrace Jimbo, I'll keep an eye out for originals if there are any!!
    '93 Aqua Blue 2.0 16v - All natural, as God intended

    "Lorks a'lordy"

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