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Thread: Corrado R32 Storm

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    Corrado R32 Storm

    I'll apologise now for the length of this post - it is a bit of a long story!

    In 2005 I found a VW Corrado Storm on ebay with 225k miles on the clock! I sent the seller a message saying if he had any issues with the sale to let me know. Well, turns out the winning bidder did in fact pull out - and the seller went on holiday immediately afterwards. A couple weeks later he got in touch and said the car was available. I went to see it and immediately loved it. So much car for just £2,500. It had the leather interior, had A/C - a fully working sunroof and a gorgeous sounding VR6 engine with a full miltek SS exhaust system. The seller and I chatted about if it had 125k on the clock it would have fetched about 5k (this was in 2005 - pre-credit crunch!) and I did feel I got a very good deal. Looking at the history one of the previous owners had worked at VW and was doing 40k miles a year - but also servicing it every 10k - with free labour (judging from receipts). The car - overall - had been very well looked after. I just remembered it was also on 17" allows at the time! I was happy!

    After 2 years of very happy ownership I decided it was time to move on. It was not easy to modify the car for more power and I wanted to move on. I had been in Corrado ownership since 2004 - it was time for a change. I went for a Fiat Coupe 20VT. A very decent car - the one I bought had just 50k on the clock too. Eventually I sold the storm - and it was bought by biggerben from the forum. He told me there were plans to use it as a shell for a project. I didnt hear much about this - then one day, after about 2 years, I logged on to the forum and saw Ben had posted pics of the R32 conversion of my old car. It was a bit surreal seeing it all. It looked a very thorough job - the body work was fixed all over. I saw a video of them mapping the car around then too, that was also surreal! That was 2009. By 2009 I was driving a 5 door golf and had a wife and a baby. In August this year we had another baby - Corrado ownership could not have felt further away... I still had a soft spot for them.. but didnt think I'd own another one - not for another 10 year or so at least.

    Then - this week, while waiting for my daughter to finally fall asleep I was killing time on my phone and searched for 'Corrado' on ebay - something I tend to do every few months or so - just out of curiosity. Up popped a Corrado R32 Storm - I had a look at the pics - and it was INDEED my old car! I jumped up and went and told my wife and her mum (who was staying over at the time). I was in no position to buy the car really - I now have 2 kids - Leyla is just over 2 and Elisha is 4 months old - really I should be looking at estates or mini-mpvs! Seeing my old car though brought back memories - and the idea of owning it again - this time as an R32 was just too much for me to resist! I tried hard - I eventually sent the seller a message just to say "good luck" and that I wish I could have bought it - but not in a position to. Well, I spoke to a few people about it - and they were very positive - even my wife told me to go for it - and that I'd end up buying one at some point, so may as well get my old one.

    Today I went to pick up the car. We had issues with the alarm - with the immobiliser and then with the battery itself - but by 3pm this evening I was home with the Corrado R32 having driven it home about 90 odd miles.

    The verdict so far is.. wow! Sure, the car could do with some cosmetic tidying up - a wash and clean with a hoover - also in 1st and 2nd gear at low revs it behaves a bit strangely - but when you put your foot down in that thing it is an experience!

    The torque levels are crazy - the noise from the car - is something else. All this in my old car that I had owned and loved, yet sold 4 years ago. It was seriously emotional!!! The first few bursts of 20mph - 60mph in 2nd gear were something I'll never forget. I went from laughing to myself almost hysterically to almost crying! Later on in the day I did a quick 40-80mph test - well the car sailed on to hit 100mph in 3rd gear and felt like it was just accelerating faster - no idea what the top speed this thing is capable of.

    There's some things I need to sort out - like getting a CAT1 alarm fitted and washing it and cleaning it up - after which it should be even better.

    There were some lighter hearted moments too like:

    1. Doing a 3-point turn and thinking 'I forgot how bad the visibility out the back is in these!'
    2. Finding one of my CDs in the CD changer - from 4 years ago!
    3. Knowing more about how to get the car started when the alarm fob is not working than the current owner due to previous experience (just involved plugging the alarm fob in to a port near the glove box)
    4. Seeing that the box the service history is kept in was an old box I had used for years - with my writing still all over it
    5. My youngest brother's reaction when I told him the car was running at an estimated 280bhp

    Well, life seems back to normal again this evening, I'm in doors with a kid on each knee being dribbled on as I type this - but for a few hours today I was in another self-indulgent world - and I hope I can slip in to that world every now and again when I get time to myself to enjoy the R32 Corrado

    I will get some proper pics soon - but here are one or two from today - featuring my 60+ dad dressed like a teenager!
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    Looking good fella hope it brings you many miles of trouble free motoring
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    Great story, I'm glad you've got it back mate. Its hard balancing family life and corrados isn't it lol.

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    Nice write up. Was looking on this car myself but I think you deserve it.
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    Really pleased for you,
    One question, what was the cd ? lol

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    Well done. Saw this Car advertised earlier this year but price was about £8.5k.

    Glad it's gone to its previous owner.

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    Nice story mate, hope it all goes well

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    Very nice outcome there mate. I was toying with the idea of going for this car on ebay. I couldn't as my available money won't clear until thursday. Its lucky you did find it on ebay as its been advertised on there for what seems like months. Its slowly been dropping in price on there until it got to this point where a fair bit of interest surrounded it. I am glad its gone back home as thats a good story. Look forward to hearing about how you get on with this car. Best of luck with it mate.
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    What a great story mate glad its back with its ritefull owner some things are meant to be .......
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    Lovely story.
    Glad someone else is as crazy as me, I have a nearly 2 year old and another due in 3 weeks and I have just got the Corrado on the road as the daily. The missus will have the family car (BMW X5), leaving me to have the fun every day
    There is something which means our wifes let us get them time and again, if it was anything else they would say no, but somehow we get away with it when its a Corrado.

    A sense of Deja vu!....

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