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Thread: OBD1 2.9 VR6 inlet manifold and throttle body

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    OBD1 2.9 VR6 inlet manifold and throttle body

    I'm after a full inlet manifold (both parts), a throttlebody .

    Must be from a OBD1 2.9 VR6.

    Thanks all ! x

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    ⋆⋆ CF Donator ⋆⋆ VR6Pete's Avatar
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    27th June 2005
    Got both. But collection only from stoke
    1994 Black Corrado VR6
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    how much you want for them? illsee if i can get together enough with travel im in south wales lol

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    30th May 2011
    Harpenden, Herts
    I've got the top (main part) of the inlet if you get stuck. The lower part and the throttle body are still on my car so hands off those
    RIP: '95 Blackberry Corrado VR6 auto, 312mm fronts and Mk4 rears, fixed steering column swap, group buy poly mounts, R32 sump, decat + Magnex exhaust, dropped onto 16" TT Mini Comps - now breaking
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    fair enough i have a 2.8 obd1 throttle body and bottom would they work with the 2.9 top part that you have? and would you mail?

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    18th November 2007
    Flitwick, Beds
    Hey mate,

    Corrado VR6 2.9 Throttle Body for sale here:

    Regards, Stu

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    just read that the lower manifolds are identical on 2.8 and 2.9 so i only need the TB and top manifold stone jag will you mail? and stuesy i may have the TB im looking out for a XXL one at the mo

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    18th November 2007
    Flitwick, Beds
    When you say XXL what do you mean..?

    Happy to do deal on it as it has to go.

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    its polished in and out and bored, few Germans selling them around forums have a look how much will you sell your throttle body for? will you mail?

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    18th November 2007
    Flitwick, Beds
    Postage no problems, likely to be around a 5iver.

    Make me an offer based on having it up for £45.

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