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Thread: URGENT: check your battery wiring TODAY!

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    I would steer clear of powder to be honest while it is very effective at puting out a fire, it's dangerous for the health, yours and the car, the powder is extremly cancerous and will also quite likely kill your engine if ever used foam is I would think a better option or CO2 for anything electrical.

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    I think this is partly a small lesson about connectors to use under the bonnet, they should have 2 crimps that peel over in an 'm' shape as with the OEM ones, the inner one making the contact with the cable and the outer clamping the insulation, as well as making a firmer grip on the cable this helps prevent moisture entering the insulation and corroding the wires especially in an exposed position like the battery positive terminals.
    I hate the modern cheap radio/alarm install crush type connectors, 9 times out of 10 you see bare conductors sticking out of the back of the connector when you look under the dash of an old car. Trouble is they are cheaper and quicker than the proper connectors, and the crimping tools for the proper connectors are much harder to find.

    As RW1 has done, if you need to add any more connections for headight relays etc, it's always better to add some extra protection like heat-shrink tubing over the cable end and crimps.
    It's a good reminder to check things like live feed cables and fuel lines in the engine bay at regular intervals along with the things that can let you down less seriously like water hoses, sensor connectors and aux belts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MurdoMac View Post
    I would steer clear of powder to be honest while it is very effective at puting out a fire, it's dangerous for the health, yours and the car, the powder is extremly cancerous and will also quite likely kill your engine if ever used.
    Hmm, not that I know of, The most common powder is actually sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda, which is pretty innocuous in itself. There are however other powders used and one or two of these have a carcinogenic rating taken in combination with flow enhancers etc of 0.01 ppm. Powder is not exactly the most efficient of fire extinguishants as it relies a lot on the CO2 used to discharge the powder as an initial extinguising medium and the powder only to inhibit further ignition by absorbing and cooling the flammable substance involved. If an extinguisher was dangerous to health it would be banned as were for example CBF (Chlorobromodiflueroethane) Wullie Me, Graduate, Institute of Fire Engineers. The worst thing about powder is the bleedin mess it leaves behind which can be a pain in the A**se to get rid of. If it's dry hoover it up, or, as in most cases when used on an engine, pressure wash it away.
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    Your right there Willie,nice quals you have too! I'm the SHEF at my place and have never really heard of carcinogenic fire extinguishers, heard lots on ozone depleting ones which have been taken out of service like halon was replaced with A.F.F.F

    I've set a 3kg powder off in my building before by accident while doing my monthly inspections,powder goes everywhere! Found it difficult to breath when suspended in the air as it happened so must work well in high concentration on localized fire. Perfectly honest as its an ABC cat is best for a car fire as damage has already occurred to your car,you don't care as long as it doesn't spread. I know about this because I've had a corrado die in a fire so been there done that!

    Anyone have any thoughts on using a mk3 cable as they'll still be available? Not checked mine yet but will do.What cable thickness is it again?

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    Does mine look ok????

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    Can someone confirm what amp cable I need to replace this section please?

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    take this advice seriously. I remember last year my brother's car had same problem and his friend saved him with an extinguisher.

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