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Thread: Door lock problems after door handle repair

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    Door lock problems after door handle repair

    I've been browsing the forum recently....just bought a 1993 Corrado SLC for my son as a first car. I've had a bunch of VW's and Audi's in the past. Now that we've been fixing the small things that his new car needed I figured I post my first question.
    I just replaced the drivers side door handle. After some minor fitting I got everything I thought! Now the drivers door wont lock. The lock seems very stiff and will unlock again. All the other door locks work correctly. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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    Does it lock if you if the central locking is activated via the passenger side? Or not at all?

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    Krishen, It will lock when central locking is used but then unlock instantly.

    I think I got it figured out. I had to fit a new door handle since the last owner destroyed his when trying to repair it. The door handle was listed as for the Corrado but it needed quite a bit of fitting. It looked like the striker was putting too much tension on the opening latch. I had to grind down the striker to lessen the tension. It took a ton of trial and error but it finally worked. Hopefully I wont have any other problems with that door since I'm tired of taking it apart and putting it back together!
    Thanks guys!

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