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Thread: VR6 running rough, video + pics included!

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    VR6 running rough, video + pics included!

    Hey guys,

    I have an issue with my Corrado at the moment, I was driving the car and it was working perfectly fine, then it started to miss fire and run rough.

    Thought it was originally an ignition problem so have changed out the lead, plugs, dizzy and rotor arm but it still seems to be running badly.
    I have also cleaned out the ICV valve and this has not resolved the problem.

    I noticed an earthing point doesn’t seem to be connecting on the distributor; I have included a picture of this below:

    IMG_0225 by AvidJames, on Flickr

    IMG_0224 by AvidJames, on Flickr

    Also, does anyone know the name of the part the king lead connects to?

    IMG_0222 by AvidJames, on Flickr

    I recorded a short video to show you how it’s currently running!

    Could this be a problem with the engine itself? There is no smoke on start up or when revving and no mayo under the oil cap.
    Any ideas where I should be looking next?


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    The part that the lead connects to its the ignition coil....
    Cant really make out whats rong with it.... But souds like a missfire. Check your sparkplugs if you changed the leads

    Sorry read again and you did change the sparkplugs....

    It might me something internal but would have to ear it live
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    Nice colour

    Try unplugging the MAF while it's running - if there's no change, there's the problem. Sounds more mechanical to me though?

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    thanks for the quick reply's i cleaned the icv again and refitted it and now its driving better than when i first got it! could the icv really make it misfire that badly? i only thought it made the rpm fluctuate and stall the engine? what mechanical faults should i be looking for? would it be best to get a compression test done on the engine just to be safe? or will vagcom throw up a mechanical fault if there is one? sorry for all the questions im just really worried its something major even though its running fine now
    ohh and thanks the colour's awesome! cant wait to get my da buffer out and give it a major detail

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    Yep, it can make it stall and splutter badly, especially when the foam from the damper box gets sucked into one of the pipes or the ISV itself!
    'ave it!

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    seems thats sorted then phew but where does that earth strap go to?

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    I think there originally would have been a metal surround around dissy cap.It plugs on there.Don't think you will have any problems without it.

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