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Thread: Strange Noise - What is it?

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    Strange Noise - What is it?

    Got a strange squeaking/creaking noise with my rado which seems to be worse when reversing on full lock. Had previously thought that it was an engine mount but this has been replaced and have still got the noise. Not sure what to check next but think it may be suspension or steering related, could it be the top mounts are goosed?


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    Hi pal really depends on the noise? on my vr i had a similar noise got progressively worse over time and it turned out to be the pas pump. if your steering is getting heavy then worth looking into.

    hope you get it sorted withought too much trouble.

    Cheers, Mems

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    First thing I would do is go round the car and tighten all the bolts to their correct torque. Specifically the subframe etc.. as these are often under torqued.
    A sense of Deja vu!....

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