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Thread: Stainless Magnex exhaust to fit VR6

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    Stainless Magnex exhaust to fit VR6

    Hey guys,

    I sold my Corrado on here yesterday but the lad who bought it didn't want the exhaust. I've just taken it off the car and posted a few pictures below. It came off a VR6. The exhaust was purchased new two years ago. The car has been off the road for the last year so the exhaust is in mint condition.

    Would prefer collection due to weight and size. I'm in Colne, East Lancashire. PM me with any queries.

    £150 SOLD


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    Very interested in this, need a replacement for my VR, I'll definitely have once I've shifted the castellets I've got for sale

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    Is this the three box system? Looks like it on pics, but jsut checking. What sort of noise was it compared to standard, can you remember?

    Cheers, J
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    Hey J,

    It's the two box system. It sounds well. I think they're a fairly popular choice with a few members on here.



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    This is this same system on my blackberry and does sound very well if I dont say so myelf
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    I will consider posting within the UK if buyer covers the costs. I haven't checked the fees at the post office but a rough guide would be £30. I won't make a profit on the postage, whatever it costs I will inform the buyer and they can add it to the £150. I will give member larceny fink first refusal as he contacted me first.



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    I would really like this, but have spent too much money this month. I will check back to see if its around come July, but I seriously doubt it. I could arrange for someone to pick it up easily too!!
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    Just to let everyone know that there's a couple of buyers lined up for this on the forum. If you happen to be interested in it send me a PM and I'll get back to you if it's still available.



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