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Thread: Blackberry 2.0 16v for £700 in Gower, Swansea

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    Blackberry 2.0 16v for £700 in Gower, Swansea

    2.0 16v | Blacberry | Gower, Swansea
    Price: £700

    Hi there, the time has come to sell my beloved Corrado. Owned her for the last 5 years or so. M-reg, with a private plate - M61 PCX. Bought her as a 2.0 8v, then six months later put in a complete ABF(the engine it should have had from the begining) unit from my old Passat estate. Engine runs great - never missed a beat. Car drives tight too.

    Good bits;

    Corrado '94 - M reg, 126k miles.
    ABF engine, ecu etc, 116K miles (came from my old passat). Had the head rebuilt by professional engine builders (still got receipt) before putting it in.
    Blackberry colour
    8 months MOT
    Tax'd till end of November.
    G60 front brakes.
    Eibach springs
    New back brakes and bearings.
    New brake flexis, and some lines.
    Changed timing belt, chain, tensioner, new thermostat, dizzy cap, vacuum lines, VAG plugs.
    Has a K&N induction filter as the ABF airbox wouldn't fit.
    Original aloys with 4 nearly new tyres.
    Flew through last 2 MOT's needing one brake pipe and windscreen wipers.
    New Bosch battery.
    New standard back box.
    Original pull out cassette player.
    Sunroof tilts and slides, spoiler works.
    Always been serviced on time with quality filter and oil.
    Gearbox and clutch are good. Clutch can judder a bit when cold, but plenty of life left on it.
    loads of receipts, old MOT's etc.
    Will do upto 40MPG if driven sensibly.
    Comes with a free gearbox and starter motor if you want, just because I need to free up some space.

    Bad points;

    Bodywork isn't great. No serious rust, but has had the odd scrape, and the laquer is peeling in places. When I bought the car it had a dent right at the front of the drivers wing, which they'd painted over in red oxide. I filled it out and sprayed it with an aerosol just to tide me over until I found a new wing in the right colour. Never got round to it though.
    Interior isn't in great condition, drivers bolster is worn, with a few scuff marks here and there.

    Central locking doesn't work from the drivers side. Motor works, must be a switch.
    Speedo has become erratic lately. The needle jumps around. This doesn't affect the oddometer or MFA readings though, or the auto spoiler.

    A stone has managed to puncture a hole in the petrol tank about 3 inches up from the bottom. I have fixed it with some special epoxy tank seal and all seems well. Thought I'd be honest and mention it though.

    Fog lenses are cracked.

    I have two immobiliser keys but only one set of door keys. They are cheap to cut though.

    This is a mechanically solid car, that just needs time spent on tidying up the exterior and interior. Will be sad to see her go. I wouldn't hesitate to drive this car 500 miles tomorrow.

    £700 ono.

    Located on the Gower, near Swansea.

    Will not let me attach pics at the moment. Will try in the week.

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    this car was featured in Series 2 of "The End of the ****ing World" as Bonnie's car. Had Porsche Design 90s on it too. was missing it's driver door handle.

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    Wonder who has it now then?

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