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Thread: Corrado Storm VR6 for £1800 REDUCED in Lowestoft !!! MUST GO !!!

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    Corrado Storm VR6 for £1800 REDUCED in Lowestoft !!! MUST GO !!!

    VR6 | Green | Lowestoft
    Price: £1800

    VR6 | Classic Green | Lowestoft
    Price: WAS £2100 NOW £1800

    For sale one of three rados v6 i own this one is the Storm beautiful car with soul. I do not own this car much long I only both it few months ago from Diss in Suffolk the guy has own it over 2 yrs. But my circumstances has change now and in few weeks I will have to travel to and back from work over 500miles per week so I will have to give up Corrado one and go for diesel.
    The car has got tax valid until April 2012 and mot until 11.2013, recently done: both track rod ends, both anti roll bar ball joints, brand new calliper and carrier on the back, new colin pack, ignition leads “champion” all 6 spark plugs NGK, there was an coolant leek from the radiator elbow but It has been fix it was the o-ring. No oil leeks or water from the engine. Engine and the gear box works lovely. Suspension is very comfie. Car is in original setup apart the wheels, I had original set of BBS Soilute for the car but some scamp stole them from my hallway before I unpack them  But the one that car is one are nice any way It is just me that I like to keep everything in original. Car has got aftermarket alarm remote control locks and immobilizer. Sony X CD stereo with 1GB memory card, sound nice.
    Bad points
    - Body work needs a little attention
    - High mileage 175k but v6 runs sweet, pulls really nice with the usual vr6 sound
    - Hater control panel need replacing
    - Leather seats and carpets needs cleaning, I was going to do that in May.

    Price I’m asking for is £1800not bad for Storm 1 of 500. Not sure how many survived so it could be much less than 500…

    Price redused to £1800 , Car must go...

    Contact via forum or call me on 07526162816 after 5pm or text.

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