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Thread: AVOID Parcel2go FOR DELIVERIES !!

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    CF Nutter
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    5th December 2005
    Bad expericnce with Hermes....the driver left my parcel in a green wheelie bin (not mywheelie bin), took a pic and provided as evidence of a successfull delivery. I complained I could not find it, they said they had gps corodinates that it was delievred within a 30metre radius of my house in the wheelie bin and advised I look through the surrounding neigbours wheelie bins to find it lol

    Luckily I had paid by card so I raised a dispute with the card company, they then got the driver to go and fetch the package from whichever bin he left it in and redeliver

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    It's these stories is the reason why I stick with royal mail it may cost more but you don't have as many problems.

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    We use a combination of Hermes and Royal Mail to deliver over 100 parcels a month. They are about the same when it comes to reliability. Hermes have better tracking and get the edge when dealing with missing items, Their claim process is also easier and quicker.
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