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Thread: My final attempt to make a working car! 3.2 24v Rado

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    My final attempt to make a working car! 3.2 24v Rado

    So after a couple of failed projects, a mk2 golf then a 16v corrado, mainly due to working long hours and having a wife and 3 kids that constantly demand attention, I just didn't have time to do what I wanted, I very nearly chucked in the towel and gave up with modding cars!

    Until I bought this

    It had been stood for almost a year due to a bit of a running problem that the previous owner hadn't been able to sort out, he was losing the use of his garage and had to get rid of it quick as he already had a G60 Corrado he was in the process of fixing up. Went to have a look at it with a mate who knew more about VR's than me and apart from a lumpy idle all seemed ok!

    I was unsure about the colour as its had a respray in a purple/blue at some point but its pretty solid so decided to just get it!

    Drove it home on the spacesaver and got a bit carried away hitting speeds you probably shouldn't do with a 4inch wide front tyre!

    Changed the blue temp sensor which improved the idle a little.

    Pic from a local meet(not sure who took it)

    Another one with the old rado, courtesy of Kurt

    His, hers and his shot haha

    The ride on the 17" TT alloys was pretty dire to say the least, felt every bump and the car just felt like it was dragging a trailer around with it, not to mention the constant rubbing, I don't like to have a car I can't push a bit when the opportunity arises but this was terrible on corners so the 17's had to go!

    Got some monty 2's for a good price with tyres which I sold to my mates dad for his Golf, and got some cheap part worn hankooks off ebay, with 5mm+ tread, which are actually pretty good tbh

    I quite like them and it handles so much better than it did!

    I've got some 25mm spacers for the rear and 15's for the front, not fitted them yet as the rear beam needs moving, it sits a good 10mm over to the passenger side at the moment!

    After not doing much to it for a few months and just enjoying driving it, I had a bit of a major coolant loss, top rad neck decided to snap!

    Luckily I had a spare from a VR rad I had that was intended for the mk2 project, unluckily the old one wasn't so keen to be removed, the captive nuts had come uncaptive as the plastic surrounding them had cracked,
    I didn't know how good the spare rad was so didn't want to risk fitting it for it to **** out coolant everywhere, so instead I just cut the bolts in the hope I could knock the nuts out and rig something up to hold
    it all together!

    The heat from the cutting must have freed them off because when I put a socket on to turn and snap the heads off the bolts just came out lol

    I greased up the spare bolts and just fitted them carefully into the semi captive nuts, they held up better than I was expecting!
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    Fast forward a couple of months and disaster struck, After driving for less than 5 mins I noticed a dent in the bonnet, an outward dent! The temp gauge had dropped to zero and smoke started to appear from the bay, pulled over and popped the bonnet, no coolant and oil coming from between the head and block on the drivers side, I just got back in and drove it home firing on a couple of cylinders less than it should

    Its been sat there for a couple of months until last weekend when I finally got my finger out and started stripping bits out ready to put a 3.2 24v lump in!

    Then this weekend I took the head off, next week i'll be taking the block and box out, along with the main engine bay loom for a few modifications

    Random pics of the not so healthy looking 12v

    Chassis legs don't look to bad, drivers side is filthy because the ccv was venting straight into the bay via a little breather filter

    However the front is another story, rad support is pretty shot, looks like its been parked in the sea at some point!

    Not too sure what to do with that, either a second hand replacement or get something made to hold the rad in place

    Rad and slimline fans as the standard ones are too big to fit with the 24valve lump

    Gruven rad neck to avoid any future brittle plastic issues!

    42 Draft crackle black crack pipe

    And a dubpower R32 conversion manifold and decat

    Another part left from the mk2 project, not sure if i'm going to use this or one of the coolers off one of the 6 cylinders, need to have a think about it

    Thats it for now, will have some more parts arriving soon and the engine should be here within the next 2 weeks!!

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    Oh and amongst removing bits here there and everywhere I found the cause of the VR's death

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    Those new wheels are so much better than the junk you had to start with! The original wheels are just soo heavy! I ended up giving mine away years ago to get rid of them!

    I like the way this is going!

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    Tbh I don't actually mind the TT's, just not on a Corrado lol

    Its on FK damping adjustable coilovers at the minute but I've got a set of Koni adjustables that will be going for a refurb soon, then i'll be raising it up maybe 10-15mm to get a bit of suspension travel back as it must be sat on the bumpstops now, if its got bump stops fitted lol

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    Good work mate , i do like the look of it on the dirst wheels but agree if the rides bad then you did right ditching them
    Keep us posted mate goid look with the conversion , let me know when your bushes arrive

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    Yeah I couldn't enjoy driving it with the 17's, I'll be looking for something different eventually but handling and power come before looks for me i'm afraid

    Will do and cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by borachris View Post
    Fast forward a couple of months and disaster struck, After driving for less than 5 mins I noticed a dent in the bonnet, an outward dent!

    Maybe a dumb question but what caused the dent?
    Current: was Red 16V Now Black 20v - G583 PMR, 20v Turbo, Leather, 17" BBS, 305mm/Brembo;s
    Previous Rado's: Blue 16V - G965 SGL, now dead & Black G60 - J389 CUC, regrettably sold

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    Quote Originally Posted by rado20vT View Post
    Maybe a dumb question but what caused the dent?
    As you look at t from the front, the right hand side corner of the intake manifold!

    I can only assume it was caused by a combination of really rough running when it started firing on less cylinders than it should and worn engine mounts :/

    Cracked the paint

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    Good to see you back at it Chris, subscribed mate

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