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Thread: Dash cams and insurance?

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    26th October 2015
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    I've been on about getting one for ages and I end up going a bit mad when researching stuff so I decided to go for a Road Hawk HD camera and to be honest it's great with an amazing picture quality. I also brought the hard wired kit for it so there's no messing plugging it in all the time.

    It was only about 6 months after buying it that while sitting stationary in traffic I was run into from behind of which the guy who hit me tried to make out I'd rolled back into him!!! Yeah right... I let him tell his little story then showed him the camera in the front of my car, funnily enough he went all quiet give me his details and drove off.

    Now you might say "well he run into you while stationery so it's his fault" but as we all know it's who's got the proof and knowing the luck I have the insurance would have portioned the blame 50/50 meaning a hit on my insurance so having this camera has already paid for itself.

    I hear what many of you are saying about if your slightly over the speed limit etc on cameras that record speed and location just as my Road Hawk does but when you down load it to send it etc you can pick what information you want to include or not as the case might be and as there's no legal requirement or standard that footage has to have its not a problem.

    I'm my case I gave the insurance everything as it showed my exact location via GPS, my speed which was 0 and of course the footage. Got him bang to rights.

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    4th April 2015
    Got a transcend pro dashcam in my daily passat. Great product and totally agree with the above. Too many lying scumbags about to risk it
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    Got the Transcend as well and had it for 3 years now. My son has the new transcend in his car for his peace of mind being a new driver.

    Only £80 ish and tops the Auto Express cam test.

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    I have one in my Corrado, but only because it was cheap. £20 off amazon. I wouldn't pay much more for one. Hard wired it into an ignition feed behind the dash so it records automatically. Supposed to be 1080p but it performs better at 720p. Youtube kind of butchers the quality somewhat and the audio is now out of sync, but it is much better hooked up to the tv or laptop with an HDMI. Car number plates are clear.

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