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Thread: Not your average VR6 "TAP" **ITS FIXED**

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    INA rings a bell, not sure on what type they were as i pulled them out the box and put them in haha, blue box if thats any use?

    basically, if after this weekend its still ticking after i put the old lifters back in, im just going to stump it and pay for the genuine ones, evidently i should have bought the 380 ones haha, ahhh well, live and learn i guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by VW_chris View Post
    well, bit of an update on this bad lad, changed both my water pumps today, done a service and checked out the oil pump.

    - both water pumps were shot, i knew the electric one was near enough gone, didnt know the condition of the belt driven one..... well, lets just say im glad i done it haha

    - oil seems to have made a slight improvement, not much, allthough the cooling is much improved, after a bit of a blast, the tap comes back.

    going to put this down to **** tappets, im going to pull the "new" ones out and take them back to euro, my old ones were tappy, but no where near as bad as the new ones, maybe the new oil will sort that out can but try....

    ill keep this updated as i spend hundreds trying to fix this issue haha, i will get to the bottom of this at the end of the day, i shunned off paying £380 for genuine tappets, i payed 80 from euro.... starting to think this might be the problem, but if this turns out to be the case, ill pay the 380, next month haha

    but for now, ill leave you with some naughty water pump shots

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    Wow that pump is pumping nothing!!!
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    really was, i have no idea how id didnt over heat, cant get my head round it, no coolant was circulating round the system, only reason i bought both pumps was the electric one had packed up a week before, sooooo glad i bothered to do it, bit of a chew on to change it as well haha

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    well, after spending a lot of money trying to fix this problem, its not 95% fixed. im 100% positive the new tappets i bought, were dud.

    i have played with oils, 10w 40 and 10w 60, currently running 10w 60, which it seems to like.

    having gone back to the original lifters (bear in mind, the new lifters were in the car appx. 5k, went to germany and back, and went round the nurburgring) with no improvements, if anything getting worse, i swapped them back for the original lifters and got a refund in the process.

    now im back with the original issue, tapping higher up in the rev range, ive bought an oil pump to replace in the coming week, my thinking being maybe its worn past its tolerance, but not yet enough to cause a serious issue, just starving the lifters a little.

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    Replaced my oil pump yesterday, however, in doing so i believe i found the issue, 2 bolts on the feed pipe for the cylinder head, were partly backed out, allowing oil to drop straight back into the sump...

    having fixed this, the engine has quietened down A LOT. but the tapping is still there. i will get the the bottom of this, genuine hydraulic lifters next month...

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    They're not cheap directly from VW. According to a price list I have here they could be as much as £30 each... so £360!! Hope they don't come to that amount.

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    yeah, when i initially checked, it was around that price, im not fussed, its ran with low oil pressure for at least 3 years... which carnt have done them any good, if it needs them, itl get them

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    RIGHT, where to start, for the last week ive been spending 5+ hours on it around work, which killed me, i slept for 20 hours straight after coming off night shift. then spent the whole weekend under the bonnet.

    ITS FIXED, the infamous vr6 "TAP" has gone.

    ive just spent the last 3 hours in it driving just listening to how amazing it sounds. no tapping, no hesitation, no dirty smells other than raw V-Power

    anyway, what is was...

    i reported back a couple days ago with regards to the oil pump being a bit ropey and the feed to the cylinder head, having the bolts half backed out, which was causing a serious drop in oil pressure, why the light never came on, i dont know, it must have been just above the threshold at which it comes on.

    that combined with sorting the wiring harness to the lambda sensor must have fixed it

    so for all those who have a tappy vr6, check your oil pumps! 6 bolts and inspect to fooook, i dont know what the reason was behind the bolts being backed out, they were sealed with locktite, so they wernt going anywhere (ive never been in the sump) but, that seems to be it, i think after all that time of having a poor feed, it just needed a good run to get the oil flowing in all the right places again!

    suggest this thread is made sticky!!!!!

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    Well done for perseverance - they are great when everything is working!

    I'll sticky it now :-)


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    Hi Chris, Good stuff on sorting this and sharing the info. My thoughts on the why the oil light didn't or wouldn't come on would be that the pump is still drawing oil so it's pressurized the oil pressure sensor is still getting a passable oil pressure to make it say all OK. The fact that there is a leak higher up in the engine just means that the leaky oil feed is not stopping the oil pressure switch from working so I can see how the oil light wouldn't come on in these circumstances.

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