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Thread: Sill repair panels

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bush View Post
    Don't appear to be sided, which seems odd. I've ordered 1, hopefully it will be the right shape to make a couple of repair section
    Biggest issue is the flare where it joins the rear wheel arch when getting aftermarket sills to fit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keyo View Post
    What you might find is that there is more work to be done underneath, the drain holes are behind that area of the rocker covers , so you may well need the outer floor panels but at least they are available thanks to the Golf MK2.
    I'm hoping the rest will clean up. Had a good poke around when I got the car 6 months ago, and the spots on the sills are the only bits I picked up on. After I put mot on it, I poked at them pretty hard, and they need sorting now, although not bad enough for mot fail, want to sort it just now before it gets worse.

    At the same time I do this repair, I'll probly drop the tank and rear beam. Give the underside a good clean up and wax oil. New bushes and paint rear beam, and a set of coil overs.

    No doubt there will be other bits that will need attention when I start digging. Gives me a reason to buy some new equipment for the man cave.

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    Just wondered if the Taros sill repair panel turned up and if they are worth buying...?? both sides could do with replacing on mine...!!
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    It's been delivered, but I've not looked at it yet, as I've been working away. I'll update once I've looked at it.

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    Mystic Storm

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    Any word on this? Need cill repair on my new one

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    Sorry lads. I haven't had a chance to look at it properly. Working away, and ran out of time before coming away to work again.

    I'm home on Wednesday all going well, so will try and update before next weekend. Hoping to get stuck into the car over the next few weeks.

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