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Thread: VR6 Corrado 1994 Breaking. Metallic Blue, Grey Leather interior

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    Hi, On the off chance, ABS light 535 919 235 BA?

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    16th May 2009
    Calne, wiltshire
    Hi, would you have the centre console that hold the heater controls and also a vr6 obd1 engine looms? price?

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    16th April 2006
    You can actually still buy the engine loom... I have a new one on order from Germany

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    16th May 2009
    Calne, wiltshire
    Really, where from? i found one for sale with matching part numbers but the picture for it was just two cables.

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    23rd May 2011
    Hi buddy,

    Just wanted to see if you had a couple of bits.

    Front indicators
    Drivers side electric window switch
    bonnet cable

    You'd be a hero if you had any of the parts still and prices

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