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Thread: Mk3 sunroof and other sunroof repair observations

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    I looked at one of these a while ago and the answer is no I'm afraid.

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    Ah bollox just bought one on the off chance.... cheers Ian ☹️

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    I must have been very lucky but I get no wind noise and no peak in the middle on my golf moonroof it does sit a little low in the corners but is not what I would call noticeable.
    It has also been tested through a car wash a few times and no water ingress at all.
    The best thing I find is how much smoother the mech is at sliding back and forward and a satisfying clunk when on full tilt.
    I did do the stomping on the glass which will make a slight diff to the profile and I also bought a new outer seal for it.
    Rest of my car is original and I do have the original panel and faulty mech but in no rush to repair and put back in..
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