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Thread: Headliner material

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Bowen View Post
    Got mine from here:

    Used the black foam backed stuff and went on a treat, had never attempted to trim something before but it all went pretty much perfect on the first go.

    I actually have loads of the material left, enough to do another 2 headlinings.
    Nice. That's ex Audioscape btw, in case you didn't know. They of the Corrado door pod fame
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    Great link there Jim, a lot more cost effective than buying new, which is out of stock at vwheritage now anyways..

    I take it lifting the old fabric, spraying the adhesive and laying back down isn't an option? Has anyone had a go at this? Suppose the foam won't be in the best of states underneath perhaps..

    How did it go removing the old fabric / foam? Did you use any special tools/liquids?

    Also how did you go about trimming? Trace the shape on the fabric / measure and mark up or glue down in one piece and trim from the other side?

    Can anyone comment on colour match of the light grey colour?

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    I've done this job earlier this year. Fabric came from AS Trims and I chose light grey which was a perfect match to the oem sunroof material.

    Once removed from the car I manually scraped the glue residue off.

    Then cut the new fabric to shape, glued it starting from the back end of the liner to the front. Once all glued I then cut out the sunroof and around the sun visor mounts. I used a glue gun the glue back the sides.

    Once all of that was done I turned it over and left it rest overnight and installed in the car the next day.

    Originally I thought it would be a difficult job but actually it was really easy, including the removal and refitting.

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