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Thread: Kinetic Underwriting classic - anyone used?

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    Changes depend on the insurer, AF are just the brokers I think. Again depends on insurer as to ncd. Some will accrue by mirroring your daily use vehicle, some will start from zero, some won't do it at all. Like all things insurance, it's an absolute lottery so check the small print.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MZpog View Post
    One of my mates suggested they wanted about £50 to change something on his policy. May have been to put on some private plates. I insured my old MGB with them and had no issues.

    The NCD didn't used to be offered for Classic, maybe things have changed.
    unfortunately i believe all insurers apply 'admin' costs to any policy changes mid-term

    as do lots of other companies & as we all know an 'admin' charge is usually just a way of them making a bit extra
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    Quote Originally Posted by martinb View Post
    We also use Kinetic at HIC - from memory I think their Classic policy will accept up to 10k miles (obviously costs more the higher you have it), must Classic policies will only allow around 7.4k.

    Hope that helps

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    Good price. The broker provides some added comfort, but as always read the small print...
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    Flux told me that NCD is definitely still accrued.

    Think I better get them to send me the policy booklet. I've never considered or been offered classic insurance before because I thought most of them require the car to be garaged or to be a second car. My VR is still my daily and haven't got a garage. The guy from Flux suggested this broker calls anything more than 20 years old a classic.

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