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Thread: Blackberry 20vt

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    I have to say you've got some patience with the engine, I would have thrown in the towel!

    Hope there is an update soon as looks a good project, makes me want my BAM Corrado back

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    24th December 2008
    Colchester, Essex
    I've been fairly quiet recently due to various commitments but there has been a lot going on with the car. It's currently in at the dyno getting re-wired and then will be mapped for well over 300bhp! I'll try and get some pictures up but if you want to see on my instagram @oliwbrett there's a few there. There's the addition of a carbon extended spoiler and a red heckblende to tie in the rear red lights. So essentially the car is very nearly on the road, just need to somehow get an MOT on it

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