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Thread: Blackberry 20vt

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    10th September 2004
    Looking good. Some more cabin shots would be great!
    VR6 Auto to manual conversion, beige leather, aircon, TT comps, blue dash lights & switches, Koni TA/Nothelle springs, OBD2, 264 cams

    my car

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    4th November 2005
    In my garage, somewhere near the top of Suffolk
    Definitely needs more pics Oli
    Current: was Red 16V Now Black 20v - G583 PMR, 20v Turbo, Leather, 17" BBS, 305mm/Brembo;s
    Previous Rado's: Blue 16V - G965 SGL, now dead & Black G60 - J389 CUC, regrettably sold

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    24th December 2008
    Colchester, Essex
    Currently tucked away in the garage on SORN until the weather improves. The last time I drove it in December the first three gears were fairly pointless and still had wheel spin in fourth. The seats need to come back out and I need to drop the subframe for them a bit lower at the back plus colour the seat backs from blue to black to suit the car. I’ll probably vinyl wrap them rather than paint. As with every Corrado I have few niggles I need to sort plus a pile of parts to fit but it’s turning into quite a special car

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    14th January 2013
    Car is looking good mate, where did you get your 20v grille badge from?

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    24th December 2008
    Colchester, Essex
    Thanks. I bought it from Peter Black who owned a blue 20vt that he sold fairly recently. I'll try and find his user name for you

    Have a search for Pete b
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