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Thread: Bought a car today

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    Am sure some of the PCP deals etc can be better than buying, when you work out the depreciation etc. But i do about 15,000miles a year and the advertised prices increased. So i traded in the black one and paid the difference (was lucky that i got a couple of bonuses at work) otherwise i'd of probably gotten a bank loan instead.
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    Hello, your Fiesta is really good. I want to ask a question if you do not mind. Did you buy a car for cash or some other way? I now also want to buy a new car, but I don’t have the opportunity to buy it right away for cash. I’m wondering which purchase option would be better, given that I have my own small business. These eternal disputes, which is more profitable, leasing or credit drove me into a dead end. I am considering the option of Jeep leasing NYC , since I need an SUV for work. If I figured out correctly, the offer is quite profitable.

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    That's a rather personal question to answer...
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    I think my last reply answers it, i just bought it with money as i tend to do quite a bit of mileage and don't like the idea of looking after a car for the next owner, would rather me enjoy the best of it.
    Just like a golf................But better!!!

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