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    94/95 Dash panel, where the radio fits. Must be good condition. Also VR6 abs lamp , part number 535919285BA, the one with two plugs tia

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    I don't have a spare mate, but am aware that on this model the lamp inside it fails. I soldered a new bulb in and it worked perfectly. Others too have done that. The bulb isn't anything special, I gone one that looked similar from an autospares as chips repair if you can use a soldering iron.

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    Thanks for the reply. Sadly I have nothing inside the lamp casing. I need a working lamp. Thanks

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    Oh damn. Well the little 2 pin red plug does nothing. ... so I don't see why any other switch wouldn't work !!

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    I've read that as well. I've seen a lamp with a slightly different part number. I might take a gamble on it.

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    If mine packs up again that's what I'll do. Let us know how you get on.
    You could always swap out the back of the switch casings so the red plug clips in somewhere.

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    Yes will do. Do you know if the centre dash panel where the radio and heater controls sit are the same one early and late cars? I've just bought a '95 VR6 and need that panel. And a few other bits. Sun visors for one. Tia

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    They are different, so you need a late panel. Difficult to find. . especially without any damage/broken tab fixings. Although if repaired the fixings aren't seen.
    I have a good drivers sun visor with the sliding part at the mirror of you can't get sorted.
    Contact lillfuzzer on here as he normally can help with parts

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    Thanks. I'll double check on my driver side visor. How much is it should I need it please ?

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