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Thread: Coolant g48

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    Coolant g48

    Hi, I've recently purchased 5L of G48 coolant from Halfords as this is what came up when they did a reg search.

    I cracked the seal on it and it's blue... the coolant in the tank is red so assuming these won't mix?? I've seen loads of info about older coolant types not mixing but unsure whether this is the case for G48?

    Any help would be appreciated



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    what does it say on the back of the bottle, if its suitable it should say something like -- conforms to vw/audi specification 182038383 {thats made up numbers btw for example} , being blue you ideally would need fully drain it, probably would be alrite but i wouldnt use it . i use stuff made by "comma" called G something extreme which is red and meets vw/audi specification...

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    It says its OK for VW/Audi up to 1996... think I'll just buy some of the Comma G coolant to avoid any issues. Thanks for the info tho!

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