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Thread: Wishbone bushes help

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    Wishbone bushes help

    Having a nightmare trying to fit the rear wishbone bush, every time I press it in it goes in crooked and bends. Anyway I was considering fitting poly flex bushes as they appear to be easier to fit, can anyone cofirm this?

    Many thanks

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    Did polys on mine about 10 years ago. The poly versions went in without a struggle but obviously they cost more than the normal o/e versions. It sounds like your changing the old ones with the back axle dismantled?
    If so, try heating the axle housing first the pressing in the o/e bushes, smear some grease on the outer metal casing first then press them in slowly, they should go in straight.
    If your doing it with the axle still in place, use a length of threaded rod and washers and slowly force them in that way.

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    Oh sorry just realised I worded that bit wrong, I ment the rear bush on the front wishbone. Don't suppose you fitted front ones too?

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    Yep, every one I could find except the steering rack, thanks to c&r enterprises who never sent them..
    Same thing, try pushing in the first few mm's so that the Bush's are in square in the wishbone then press them in using a socket.
    Put some grease on the wishbone's hole first and then press.

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    I just tap them in with a hammer, top, bottom, left, right before going around the outer of the bush clockwise, once they start in squarely its 30 seconds before they're fully home

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    Thanks guys just ordered some

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