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Thread: Career change post 30.

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    Career change post 30.

    Evening all, after some opinions/experiences/words of wisdom.

    I've worked in the same industry for the last 14 years and I've recently had a hankering to try something new. I feel like trying something less desk based and more practical. I'm able to turn my hand to most things and quite fancy working for myself.

    Not all of that is relevant but essentially I'm wondering if anyone has made a move in career in their mid thirties or later? I've got 30 years left to work, not sure I see myself being stuck where I am all that time.

    Love to hear what people think.
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    If you feel like doing it, then go for it. If circumstances allow you to change then why not. If it didn't work out you could always go back to what you've been doing.
    A change is normally for the better.
    Good luck with your choice

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    Go for it Mick! I'm leaving my current job the day after I turn 40 (5 years left of a 22 year career!), as I'm able to claim a full pension from that date. I'm looking at doing the same, and as you mentioned its a long time to carry on working so I don't see the problem at all in starting a new career. You obviously have to weigh up you options with regard to what you fancy trying your hand at, and the uncertainty surrounding self-employment for guaranteed work (especially around certain times of year!). Basically, its being able to afford to do what you set out to, and finding the right job that'll offer you an income that you are comfortable with when you offset against the quiet periods if you go down the self-employment route.
    Good luck with what-ever you decide mate!
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    Made a career change when i was 45 (!!): Yes, it can be done!

    Ran my own IT business for 15 years, got so fed up with it towards the last years, that I decided to go back to my roots of university education, and became a lecturer in electronics engineering/software/automotive networks/functional safety at an automotive oem. Loving it, needed the challenge.

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    I guess the hardest thing is the risk to income, prospects, etc. I can't deny it's crossed my mind many times especially when you read about skills shortages for good plumbers, electricians etc - the thought of retraining and starting over is always appealing.

    Would love to know what you come to decide to do / whether you take the plunge.

    A friend of a friend was out of work for a while. Was an architect, but really skilled at lots of other stuff but hated the traditional office job. Was spending a lot of time drinking coffee in the local Costa whilst contemplating his future, became friends with the staff and ended up taking a job working there.. and is loving it. May not pay well but he gets tremendous job satisfaction. Something that's hard to find in an office job!

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    Life is short. I've seen too many people around me die and even been seriously ill myself in 2011 to not realise that you get one chance at this life. It's better to try and risk failure than to regret never trying it.

    Go for it!
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    If the sums work out do it. I'm all for a happier less stressful life. I did it at 30. Manage to work only in the winter now and take the summer off.
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    It's certainly possible mate all depends on what you want out of it and hopefully not put yourself in a position of difficulty. The wife has just done it. I'll not mention her age😉 what she has chosen to do is work for herself. Good luckpal

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    Cheers for the thoughts guys, I'm really really tempted and now my wife is back working I don't need to worry quite as much about money anymore. We do still have a small child so anything is a risk I guess.

    Currently a qualified accountant but thinking I'd like to try a trade, either electrician or plumber grabs my eye. I've recently been restoring a house and I've enjoyed helping all the guys on the job, and I've always been very practical and hands on. Wanted to be an engineer as a youngster but kind of fell into accountancy.

    Worried I was being completely mental just thinking about it, but looks like I'm not.... which is reassuring.
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    I became self employed at 30, albeit in the same trade ( car mechanic)

    I found knowing plenty of people in the trade helped and with a little bit of luck finding decent, cheap premises to work from I haven't really looked back.

    If you are changing your line of work then I think that will be your biggest challenge

    As said life is short, if you are confident you can make a go of it then do it
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