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Thread: Radiator support / Crossmember

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dude VR6 View Post
    Any updates ?
    He is just starting to put the VR6 sample together to test, then we will look to go into production. They will now be made from alloy to try and keep costs down for all

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    Any news
    Black 94 VR6 - uprated headlight loom, BMC cda, Eibach front/rear ARB, H & R springs/Bilstein dampers ,VT Front Mount, Rear strut brace, 17" MO Compomotives, Crystal/Red rear lights, 312mm front brakes, and I still haven't finished.

    CCGB 3113

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    No updates yet im afraid

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    Sorry if treading on Anna's toes but did people know that the 2.0l litre is the same as the vr6 but with an extra lug/bracket welded on. So if you have a rusted vr6 one remove the lug from it measuring centres before of course and weld it on to the another one. It's easier to find a 1800 or 2000 one in good nick than a vr6 one, that's what I found anyway. Hope this helps someone who is stuck now and can't wait.

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    Urgently need one of these for my VR6 which has failed it's mot anyone had any of these from this chap?

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